In the heat of the moment: Custom storage solutions for fire departments

Will your fire equipment storage help you reach victims in time, or will it hold you back?
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Twenty-three seconds.

Every 23 seconds a fire department somewhere in the country responds to an alarm, according to 2015 averages from the U.S. National Fire Protection Association.

Will your fire department be the next to answer the call? And will your fire equipment storage help you reach victims in time, or will it hold you back?

Speed through high-capacity organization
With only seconds to react after the fire bell sounds, firefighters don't have time to waste scrambling for misplaced or missing equipment. Every tool needed must reside in a centralized location to save time and potentially lives. Dressing order should be a firefighter's only concern; the fire department storage should handle the rest.

Respond faster with centralized storage for all your gear.Respond faster with centralized storage for all your gear.

But these brave men and women do not pack lightly: full-body personal protective equipment, helmets, oxygen tanks, axes, industrial hoses, the works. Traditional storage lacks the shelf-by-shelf spatial and weight capacities necessary to concentrate all this gear into one location.

To respond to emergencies with speed and preparedness, fire stations require either versatile static shelving like Montel's SmartShelf® units or sturdy, high-density mobile storage installations like mechanical-assist Mobilex solutions. Collapsible storage modules compact equipment storage by 50 percent and can be opened quickly by hand when the alarms sound, no matter how fully loaded the units.

Mobile shelving compresses storage space so significantly, fire departments can relocate equipment to areas in their firehouses most conducive to a speedy response time, areas they may have ignored in the past because of tight quarters. Every second counts, after all.

Safe storage of crucial equipment
As rugged as firefighting tools are, safe equipment storage ensures no injuries during suit-up and that nothing defective rides along to the scene of an emergency. A torn hose or a broken oxygen mask could stop teams from extinguishing blazes quickly, risking victims' lives and their own.

To eliminate preventable equipment deficiencies, fire station storage must be customized to properly house items in ways that secure their integrity. Authorized Montel Distributors customize SmartShelf® and Mobilex shelving modules to the exact specifications fire departments require, including strong racking features for heavy turnout gear and specialty basins for wound hoses. Furthermore, adjustable shelving allows fire departments to easily modify their storage by hand during downtime as their needs change, no tools required.

Perforated shelves let turnout gear breathe.Perforated shelves let turnout gear breathe.

Perforated shelves for natural drying and aeration
Firefighters know a thing or two about airflow, exactly how it feeds or chokes a flame. They also know how poor ventilation can prevent turnout gear from drying and airing out once it's returned to its storage space.

For storage that breathes, Montel offers perforated shelving and end panels for both SmartShelf® and Mobilex storage systems. Perforated construction allows air to circulate freely through the entire storage unit, so gear dries evenly and releases odors.

End-panel perforations improve circulation.End-panel perforations improve circulation.

Fire department equipment storage ought to be as smart and as strong as the men and women who risk their lives to save others. Reach out to a Montel representative to learn more about SmartShelf® and mechanical-assist Mobilex shelving solutions for your firehouse.

Moving pictures: Montel’s vibration-free sliding art racks for the Clyfford Still Museum

Come see how Montel's vibration-free sliding art racks brought art to life at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, Colorado.
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Montel recently finished work on two sliding art rack storage systems for the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, Colorado, an institution honoring and preserving the work of the eponymous American painter who stood at the forefront of the abstract expressionist movement in the late 1940s.

With more than 800 paintings in need of innovative racking – as well as letters, sketchbooks and other materials belonging to the artist – Montel designed and installed custom storage solutions that achieve a perfect balance between efficiency, usefulness and conservation.


Introducing SafeCrank mobile shelving technology from Montel

How does mechanical-assist mobile shelving keep users protected at your place of business?
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Safety should always be a chief concern among business leaders.

Protecting employees from accidents in the workplace is not only the right thing to do morally, it’s one of the most cost-effective commitments an employer can make. According to research from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, American businesses spend an estimated $1 billion every week on workers’ compensation payments alone. Yikes! That can’t be good for the company checkbook or a brand’s reputation.


SmartShelf® vs. L&T Shelving: Which packs the biggest punch?

How does Montel's SmartShelf® Hybrid 4-Post boltless shelving system stack up against a traditional L&T commodity shelving unit?
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How does Montel’s SmartShelf® Hybrid 4-Post shelving system stack up against a traditional L&T shelving unit?

Frankly, we don’t think it’s a fair fight at all, especially when it comes to customization and spatial efficiency. Boltless shelving like SmartShelf® wins round after round.

We’ll walk you through a standard shelf adjustment step by step, compare the two shelving options and demonstrate exactly what we mean.


NOW PATENTED: Montel revolutionizes mobile storage with LED Guard Technology™ for SafeAisle®, SAFERAK® and RACK&ROLL

Montel is proud to announce patents for its innovative LED Guard Technology™ used in SafeAisle® powered mobile storage systems, SAFERAK® mobile racking systems and RACK&ROLL 16P mobile shelving.
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The world of high-density storage will never be the same.

Montel is proud to officially announce the issuance of U.S. and Canadian patents for its innovative LED Guard™ used in SafeAisle® powered mobile storage systemsSAFERAK® mobile racking systems (both 32P and 60P) and RACK&ROLL 16P mobile shelving.


How Williams Selyem Winery learned world-class wines pair well with smarter shelving

When Williams Selyem Winery turned to us to outfit its wine library storage facilities with high-density mobile and static shelving installations, we had a feeling something special would come of it.
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To many people, a bottle of wine sounds like a relaxing way to spend a weekend among friends, family and loved ones. To the winemakers at Williams Selyem Winery, it’s that and so much more.

But don’t take our word for it – in 2010, Wine Enthusiast Magazine awarded the company’s 2007 Litton Estate Pinot Noir a perfect score of 100 points, making it the first North American pinot noir to earn such an honor.


UW Badgers score big with mobile shelving in latest Montel video

Check out our latest video showcasing an athletic equipment storage system we built for the University of Wisconsin.
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If you haven’t done so already, check out our latest video showcasing an athletic equipment storage system we built for the University of Wisconsin.

We’re especially proud of the mobile shelving we installed for the Badgers, so much so we could go on and on about it. That said, we’ll let Assistant Equipment Manager Sam Wrobel tell you exactly why he’s happy to see better, smarter storage capabilities in his locker rooms.


‘Awl’ or nothing: Hardware store storage solutions and the future of the industry

What can smarter storage do for the 21st-century hardware store?
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Even in a technology-driven world where digitization rules, there’s still a place for hardware stores selling real tools to solve real problems and build real things.

However, it’s fair to say the hardware industry has had to adapt in light of these changes in an increasingly digital environment. These retailers must sell smarter to the do-it-yourself crowd, as well as make changes to the kinds of equipment and resources they stock. Smarter storage solutions for hardware stores like high-density shelving/racking and mobile storage installations can strike at the heart of these issues, helping these retailers develop a greater presence in the marketplace.


7 oddities Montel successfully stored

Every once in a while clients ask our specialists to devise shelving solutions for some exceptionally strange things conventional shelving couldn't possibly accommodate.
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Throughout Montel’s long and storied history as a premier high-density shelving provider, we’ve never backed down from a challenge.

That said, every once in a while clients ask our specialists to devise shelving solutions for some exceptionally strange things conventional shelving couldn’t possibly accommodate. Take a look:


Warehouse pickers count on industrial mobile racking for faster, more accurate selection

SAFERAK mobile racking systems offer solutions to challenges depriving warehouse logistics of optimized on-site storage capabilities.
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All businesses aim to operate as close to perfect as possible – that means no wasted actions, overspending or avoidable productivity losses.